Anonymous: You wake up next to a dude can't remember but he's hot af 



trying to teach your friend how to ride a bike


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"You’re free…even though it hurts me to see you go. You need to feel alive. I must not stand in your way."
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"There are times, those unexpected days when it hits me. Memories and old persistent thoughts arise, and there you are. A constant. The voice that doesn’t fade, the skin that lingers, the essence that overcomes. There you are."
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I don’t know her name but I’m sure she has never heard a more magical sound than when you call for her…

I don’t know her eye color but I’m certain that she witnessed true beauty when she saw you…

I don’t know how she kisses you but I can guarantee that the moment your lips meet, she is filled…

"Because everywhere I go, I find you. In every stranger I see a familiar face…traces of you splattered throughout the city. Each and every single girl serves as a reminder of our story."
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"I envy her because she gets to experience the woman you’re becoming."
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